Product description

FARMfill® Premium is a corn-based pourable cushioning material in cylindrical form, which is used as product protection for cushioning and filling cardboard boxes etc.

The packaging chips are cylindrical in shape, white and odourless. FARMfill® Premium is suitable for silo installations.

Since 2009, FARMfill® organic granulate has been available as a precursor to the finished packaging chips. This granulate was developed by Cornpack GmbH & Co. KG in cooperation with the FKuR. It has a much smaller volume than the finished chips, and offers significant advantages for transport! The granules can then be foamed on site at the customer to produce the padding material.


FARMfill® packaging chips as well as the FARMfill® organic granules are produced from annually renewable crops. The products are guaranteed to contain no genetically modified material.

Cushioning properties

The shock-absorbing effect of FARMfill® packaging chips is just as efficient as conventional plastic chips! The Institute of Packaging Technology VVL at the University of Dortmund has demonstrated this in a laboratory analysis.

Due to the high abrasion resistance, FARMfill® cushioning materials can also be used multiple times.

Storage and pouring

FARMfill® chips are offered in 300-litre, 380-litre and 500-litre bags. The bags can be emptied directly with a commercially available filling mechanism. In automatic filling and silo systems, FARMfill® can be moved without restrictions due to its abrasion resistance and antistatic properties. FARMfill® material is only partially resistant to moisture and heat. Contact with water and sunlight should be avoided.

Suitability for export

FARMfill® packaging material is germ-free during production. As a result, FARMfill® packaging chips are generally suitable for export.


FARMfill® packaging chips are generally reusable.

But they also offer clear advantages over plastic chips when it comes to disposal.

Because FARMfill® packaging chips are made from natural raw materials, they are fully biodegradable and behave in a CO2-neutral way during thermal disposal. They can be disposed of both via the organic waste container/compost and residual waste. But they should not be placed in the recycling bin for plastics and packaging (yellow bin)!

FARMfill® packaging chips are certified by DIN CERTCO according to DIN EN 13432 as compostable material. According to the Packaging Ordinance (§ 16, p.2) they are exempted from disposal obligations because they are biodegradable materials. We will also take them back with free delivery.

The Loick Group also offers customers the option to return delivered outer packaging (PE sacks) so they can be reintegrated in the production process.